watch out

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sit aware

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secure perimeter- mind body arm's reach immaterial objects family the trusted the room the rooms the interior building structure the exterior building structure immaterial objects property lines

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Terrorists are burning cities in our country right now, it is so quiet outside our window.

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Who will fact-check the fact-checkers?

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Review: “Mine Were of Trouble” by Peter Kemp

Fascinating memoir of a conflict too many of us know too little about

Originally published in 1957, “Mine Were of Trouble” is the account of Englishman Peter Kemp who participated in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Nationalists.

Kemp's storytelling is easygoing, easy to follow. A lot of detail and background are packed into a fast moving narrative. This speaks to the economy of Kemp's style.

Kemp gives some astounding accounts with a good deal of understatement. This is something that struck me in the last book I read on war, the original English translation of “The Storm of Steel” by Ernst Jünger, also published by Mystery Grove. Kemp and Jünger both can tell of startling, shocking, terrifying, or heartbreaking events as calmly as one might tell of their quiet weekend. Perhaps it is the way of soldiers, or of men of the early 20th century.

“Mine Were of Trouble” tells not only of battles and soldiery, but of time spent away from the front, including some gutsy border crossings, some fun had resting up before and between actions, and two hardcore surgeries.

If you're interested in this conflict or narratives like it, I recommend “Mine Were of Trouble.” It's well written and moves quickly. There's no case-pleading, preaching or hectoring, just engaging memoir and solid reporting.

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sitting on the porch watching the rain

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Will we in the West forsake Hong Kong to the Communists?

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I own hats that will protect my head from rain and I go out in the rain hatless, because I love those fuckin' hats.

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When I became involved with the larger, for lack of a better term “atheist community” (early 2000s), I noticed two types of atheists. Those who I referred to as the “science atheists,” the “I learned about biology and couldn't believe the Bible anymore” type. And those like myself, who I referred to as “romantic Atheists,” who might say things like “Hell is preposterous,” or “Original Sin is insulting,” or “Jihad and Sharia are cartoonishly evil.”

These groups generally got along I think. Neither of us were prepared for the arrival of the feminist-social justice-leftist crazy-atheists, who rejected both science and romance, and it turned out hated the rest of us, and the west also.

I don't write much any more about atheism or atheists, I'm not involved in any secular movements or communities. I walked away a few years ago, after years of watching people I knew and often respected, shred each other over politics that shouldn't have been allowed in.

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