When I became involved with the larger, for lack of a better term “atheist community” (early 2000s), I noticed two types of atheists. Those who I referred to as the “science atheists,” the “I learned about biology and couldn't believe the Bible anymore” type. And those like myself, who I referred to as “romantic Atheists,” who might say things like “Hell is preposterous,” or “Original Sin is insulting,” or “Jihad and Sharia are cartoonishly evil.”

These groups generally got along I think. Neither of us were prepared for the arrival of the feminist-social justice-leftist crazy-atheists, who rejected both science and romance, and it turned out hated the rest of us, and the west also.

I don't write much any more about atheism or atheists, I'm not involved in any secular movements or communities. I walked away a few years ago, after years of watching people I knew and often respected, shred each other over politics that shouldn't have been allowed in.

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